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CENTURY 21 Wright has been open for business for OVER 20 years, in the city of Temecula, CA. Under the leadership of Ruth and Jerry Wright our office has grown into the # 1 CENTURY 21 office in Riverside County. In the beginning we began as a small independent brokerage, we realized by joining "The Most Respected Brand in Real Estate today" we could be a local leader in Real Estate.

CENTURY 21 Wright is now a fixture of Temecula and a community leader, with over 70 professional consultants to serve our local area.

CENTURY 21 Wright has annually been recognized nationally as an award winning CENTURION office. We are looked at as leaders in residential and commercial real estate services. Our charity work includes being a CENTURY 21 top contributor to Easter Seal year after year, food drives in our local area is one of our main focuses. We believe in community first and we strive to be a leader.

Currently, CENTURY 21 Wright owns and occupies over 10,000 square feet of prime location in Temecula. We have a full-time management team including Assistant managers, operation staff, and clerical to be at our best for our agents and clients! We are most proud of our client loyalty satisfaction of 98% based on the CENTURY 21 customer service survey.

CENTURY 21 Wright is a leader in technology and we have a true commitment to overall service to our community.

Stop by and visit our office, come to an office that wants to help our residents be proud of our beautiful community called Temecula. 

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Temecula, CA
Real Estate Market Information
Homes Owned: 24,659
Homes Rented: 10,920
Median Home Price: $375,000
Area Schools: 42
Best Score: 5/10
Average Score: 2.5

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Customer Testimonial

Scott Archer

Seller Rating:

This survey is for Scott and his partner Joyce. We feel equally about both of them. Part of their success is the partnership in working together and with the client. We feel their sales experience is excellent...that they knew the market....and the time frame in selling our home.

We selected Scott and Joyce after two interviews....they came prepared to list our home and had the answers to our questions. They are a good team and worked well together and with us. They understood the process and advised us many times as the sale moved forward, including the type of buyer, our needs and their needs, etc. We would gladly use them again, if necessary, and always recommend them to anyone looking to list.

Our sale was well managed....selling with multiple offers in one day...with backups in line. Sorry don't know campaign delivery...no comment because of that. They truly represented us and cared for our well being all the way thru.

Scott and Joyce are an excellent team and we are glad they contracted with us and visa versa....Communicating with Century 21 was always very good

Scott and Joyce were truly 'all of the above'....it is very important to be accessible and trustworthy....they understood our needs, our time frames, and guided us very well throughout the time of the sale. - Morey And Becca Nakaya.. June 2017

Allison Gelbrich-Downing

Buyer Rating:

Allison is very much on top of all aspects of the home buying process. She had no problems getting us into the homes we wanted to see and knew a lot of the agents that were listing. Her local knowledge of the area was one of the main reasons I picked her as our agent. She knows the area really well and again knows a lot of the selling agents, which is very important.

My wife and I felt very at comfortable with her and she hit the top marks on in all aspects of the process. She gets back to you via email no matter the time, day or night, and is very clear and concise in her communications. I'd for sure use Allison again and I'd recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in Temecula and surrounding areas. - Jeremy M, Murrieta Ca May 2017

Daisey Hilbun

Seller Rating:

When I met Daisey I knew that I was in for a good ride. Not only is Daisey professional. Daisey put me at ease with her guidance and knowledge of keeping me in step as the sale grew closer. I felt Daisey like a friend who was giving me a helping hand.

If there was another time, it would be with Daisey. - William Alford Jr In Hen May 2017

John Fulsaas

Seller Rating:

John is a great and very knowledgeable

John is great realtor and very knowledgeable. Knows is job very well and can sell your home fast and for top dollar. Thanks to John he has made it a lot easier to get my dream home. - Javier Medina May 2017

Michelle Haywood

Buyer Rating:

Michelle Haywood is an amazing agent, who cares about the best interest of her cleints, and not just closing a sale. Our particular experience took some creativity and special attention, which she exceeded our expectations. We were first time buyers, and she sat us down to explain the entire process, on her personal time. Ive heard stories on how there are many last minute requests of the agent/escrow and lender usually a few days before closing, we had none. Our team is truly something special. I will always recommend Michelle to anyone who is buying a home, she rocks! - Karen A. Eby,- Menifee,c May 2017

Kevin Corson

Buyer Rating:

I went with Kevin because he was BY FAR the most responsive realtor I reached out to when initially looking for a home in Riverside. Since I live in Northern California, it was going to be extremely important to have a responsible, responsive and flexible agent. Kevin was all of those.

Kevin was extremely responsive, flexible, and SO PATIENT with us. We are buying in partnership with our son and are remote. Kevin had to deal with me, my husband and son, all in different modes of communication, different times, and with different concerns. Bless him, he was so patient with us!!!!!! Still is - is still hanging in there with us. He was willing to meet the electrician AFTER close since we were unavailable, and left us a lock box so that we can access the property when we arrive from out of town. Totally above expectations on all of this.

I highly recommend Kevin. He is efficient, moved at our pace, made solid recommendations, and went above the standard job description in our opinion to make sure we were happy with the final purchase. - Becky Gemignani, San Mat May 2017

Lourdes Escandon

Seller Rating:

Lourdes is one of the best real estate agents we have ever dealt with.

In 2012, we've decided to move from the Bay Area to Murietta and we got lucky that Lourdes was available at the time we went down to the Temecula area. We were able to view multiple listings within the scope of our demands. When we bought the home in Murrieta, we were able to close in less than 2 weeks and moved in before the month was over.

So, when the time came that we had to move closer to work, we contacted Lourdes once again. She was patient with us as we went looking for our prospective home for a few months until we found our ideal home. She made it easy for us to get the home we wanted. So, when we were ready to sell our previous home in Murrieta, we chose her as our agent. She helped us in making the house ready for sale. She got us multiple offers above our asking price. We've sold the house with no hitch and we're more than grateful and glad that we had Lourdes to help us in all of the buying and selling.

Lourdes is hard working, trustworthy and is always open to help out. - Luisa Parsons, Fallbrook April 2017

Judy Haines

Buyer Rating:

Judy was and is a great person. Wonderful experience with her. I would and will recommend her to all my family and friends. She is a good soul. A gift from God... - Eric Hunter fontana, Ca April 2017

April Greer

Buyer Rating:

This was our first time purchase for a property and April worked with us closely to ensure we understood the process. She made the process easy to understand and was very patient with all our related and unrelated questions pertaining to our purchase and local knowledge of the areas we were looking. April was easy to work with and you almost forgot you were dealing with an agent vs a friend or family member. - Steve And Panya Delaney March 2017

Robert Stabile

Buyer Rating:

He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the local area. That was important to us. Robert made us feel like family. - Andrew &andrea Kusiak March 2017

Greg Allen

Buyer Rating:

awesome dude. - Arellanes Homeland March 2017

Cory Spina

Buyer Rating:

I met Cory and Michelle at an open house. I had been to other open houses in the area but Cory and Michelle stood out among the rest as being exceptional. They were friendly and appeared genuinely interested in my needs. They immediately provided me with some resources without obligation. During he entire process of searching for a home and the purchase of my new home, they were patient, informative, helpful and communicative. Buying a new home can be stressful, but Cory and Michelle made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Together they make an excellent, well rounded and knowledgeable team and they were a pleasure to work with. - Regina Kelley, Temecula March 2017

Colleen White

Buyer Rating:

Colleen was the selling agent for the property we have purchased. The advertisement for the property on the internet brought us to her when we were searching for property to purchase. So, we did not select her other than making the phone call to her to view the property. But, we feel extremely blessed that we had Colleen to get us through the challenge ahead.

There are not enough words to express our sincere appreciation for Colleen and her work ethics as a real estate agent. Colleen has taken care of the seller and us as the buyers with never playing favorites between each party, and always trying to make everyone happy. She had always gone above and beyond to do whatever it takes to make our purchase come together. There were many, many challenges and obstacles to overcome for the seller and us, and Colleen never gave up and plowed through each bump with a solution and a positive attitude. When she said she would follow-up on an issue or a question, she was on it faster than I could blink my eyes. We never had to remind her for an answer. I don't know if any other agent could have pulled off this transaction with the drive and desire that she had. Colleen genuinely cares about her clients with every detail. Colleen took it upon herself on behalf of the seller (who lives out of the country) and arranged inspections, appraisal timing, termite tenting, well repairs, septic repairs, foundation repairs and engineering report, and working with the seller with dissolving their personal property items, etc. The negotiating of the sales price and purchase terms was quite the challenge also. The property needed work and the seller was very aware of the condition. Colleen was able to encourage us with the positives and helped the sellers find the happy medium with their needs. There was always a common sense approach with both sides. Colleen's contracts and attention to detail was unsurpassed by any other agent abilities. And....of course.........finally the closing, went well with flying colors because Colleen had control of that aspect of the sale. We have never seen and been around an agent that worked harder, and more thoroughly with a caring heart, than we witnessed with Colleen. We often wondered where she got her ongoing energy. She was determined to make this happen with both parties and a win-win. She DID IT!!!!!!! This sale should go down in history with a victory.

Colleen is certainly in the right business with a very level-headed, caring, mild mannered and patient demeanor. But, we are sure that this sale was an extremely hard challenge for her. She sooooo cared about everyone. But, she took it on and again....DID IT!

She held our hands all the way through and never let go (along with the seller). She proved her trustworthy in the beginning, and we trusted in her all the way through. We would trust her with anything personally. Colleens professionalism, appearance, and communication skills put her on an executive level. And of course, we had many detailed questions about the contracts we were signing, and she was able answer all questions with an ability that comes with time and training. She was extremely respectful of us as human beings and no question was a dumb question in her eyes. And very important, most often Colleen would answer our phone call, and if not, we always knew Colleen would get back to us as soon as she could, and she did. Colleen was a shinning star in our eyes.

The only other contact we had with working with Colleen was with her assistant Donna Hill. Donna was an extremely important asset to Colleen with the background contracts and detailed process. Donna was able to take in the information Colleen gave her, and convey all the details on paper. The few times we had contact with her, she was able to answer our questions without hesitation. Donna is very knowledgeable with the contracts, and has the ability to help us understand the process. She always took the time to make sure - Walter A. And Donna J. L March 2017

Jason Coats

Seller Rating:

Jason did a great job of communicating every aspect of the sale. He worked very hard to make sure my wife and I had all our question answered and that everything was crystal clear. I really liked the fact that Jason responded promptly to my emails, text messages and telephone calls. Jason made us feel like he was on our side, working for us to get our house sold as fast as possible for as much as possible. Jason had an offer on our house in only one day! Thank you Jason for a job well done... - Timothy A, Slane, Corona February 2017

Kathy Nichols

Seller Rating:

Kathy Nichols represents herself and her company professionally and with extensive knowledge of the local area. She knows the legalities and ins and outs of the paperwork trail required for real estate transactions. In addition, she is excellent on following up quickly on any questions you may have and always does it with respect,patience and kindness. - The West Family, Temecul February 2017

Mella Kennedy

Buyer Rating:

I can testify to the effectiveness of Mella Kennedy as an agent. She was a great buyer's agent for me. I could not have found the home that I purchased without her help. Through her contacts, negotiation skills and great relationships with other Brokers and agents, Mella was able to find me the right home, at the right time, at the right price and in a great location. Mella exceeded my expectations and will exceed yours too.

Before the buy, she was instrumental in finding me a great loan specialist who walked me through the process of getting per-approved for an FHA loan prior to actually meeting with Mella to look at property. That process helped me stay focused on looking at property I could afford and helped me not buy above my means.

I would highly recommend Mella Kennedy to all of those I know who are looking to buy or to sale a home. Her 24 hr/ 7 day a week work ethic and availability to you, as well as her advice, knowledge of various markets and relationships with other Brokers and agents will make the difference of you finding the right home to meet your and your family's needs.

So give her a call when ready to find that perfect home. - Renette Johnson, Hemet February 2017

John Schwab

Seller Rating:

John Schwab was excellent in strategizing and gaining new prospects in how to best market the sale of our home. We couldn't have been more happier with the outcome.

John Schwab's easy-going personality made it so natural to communicate with him. He was always accessible for any questions or concerns.

Our overall experience with John Schwab was excellent. He was professional, friendly and very communicative throughout the entire process. - Linda Quinones, Temecula January 2017

John Litaway

Buyer Rating:


THANK YOU JOHN - Mena Ahmadi January 2017

Laura Scott

Seller Rating:

We hired Laura after a terrible and extremely long experience with another office and agent. Laura did a great job in the marketing and listing of our home. We were in escrow six weeks after the listing started, which is good for our unique property. Unfortunately, our buyer and buyers agent made the transaction very difficult for both us and Laura. Laura had to do the job of the listing and buyers agent, saving the deal and ensuring the buyer obtained financing. If not for Laura, the deal would have been canceled more then once. She made it happen and we truly appreciated everything she did. Thanks again Laura.

Thank you,

Keith A. Vande Brake - Keith A. Vande Brake / T January 2017

Sheri Patterson

Buyer Rating:

Sheri was very professional, patient, understanding and in tune with our needs while searching for the perfect home for us. Then, once she found our home I bombarded her with numerous questions from the time escrow opened until closing. Sheri always responded quickly and is very knowledgeable in her profession as well as the area we live in and all surrounding areas. It was a real pleasure having her for our agent and I will highly recommend her when the opportunity arises.

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We had lived in our previous home for 32 years so buying a new home was a very trying and stressful time for us. in addition to all the attributes I stated previously, Sheri was very reassuring and calming, making the transition easier for us. Thank you Sheri ! - Audrey Orcutt, Wincheste December 2016

* After the client and agent affiliated with CENTURY 21® Real Estate LLC complete a transaction, the client may be asked to provide feedback to help the CENTURY 21® System and sales professionals continuously improve. The affiliated agent's Overall Rating is an average of all ratings the agent has received. The specific survey responses shown were selected by the agent and were authorized by the client for display purposes. Some customers who provided a testimonial may have received a Starbucks gift card from their CENTURY 21 Sales Professional as a thank you for completing the customer satisfaction survey.

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Century 21 Wright Temecula is comprised of approximately 80 independent real estate professionals that are trained to provide a wonderful customer experience!.

 The CENTURY 21® Wright  Office provides branding, marketing, communications and innovative technology solutions that help enable its realtors to engage prospects, nurture customers, and deliver a positive real estate transaction experience.

CENTURY 21 Wright Real Estate is recognized as a leader in e-marketing and has received numerous awards.

The CENTURY 21 Wright Real Estate website -- c21wright.com – is the number one “most visited” real estate franchise website in Temecula, attracting more unique visitors than any other real estate franchise brand site since January 1995.

C21® Wright members are also active members of the Temecula Valley communities in which they live and work, having helped raise over $111 million in total contributions to Easter Seals since 1979 for CENTURY 21.

To find answers to your real estate questions, please visit the website that best meets your needs:c21wright.com or you may contact us at: 951-694-5300

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Demographic Data | Temecula, CA

Median Age: 34.63
Married: 43%
Households: 35,579


Population by Sex
55,125 Male
57,226 Female

Occupancy Types
2,238 Vacant
24,659 Owned
10,920 Rented


White/Blue Collar Jobs
25% White Collar
75% Blue Collar

Transportation to Work
92% Drive
0% Public Transportation
2% Walk/Bike/Other
5% Work from Home